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The Hebei Research Institute of Construction & Geotechnical Investigation Co., Ltd. (CHCI) was founded in 1953. It has now developed into a major geotechnical engineering company in China that provides engineering services in construction& management, geotechnical investigation, surveying and mapping, design, research & development, and machinery manufacture……       

Technical research


To achieve the development of geotechnical engineering technology system with CHCI feature, the Company is actively engaged in research on new technology, new process and new methods, and developed core technologies in the competence area of geotechnical engineering investigation, hydrogeological investigation, water resources assessment, foundation treatment, prevention and control of engineering……

Corporate culture


Our Purpose: Sharing Weal & Woe, Thriving Enterprise & Family, Enjoying Mutual Benefit in Harmony and Sustainable Development.   

Our Mission: To Satisfy Clients’ Demands, To Provide Staff with Opportunities, To Increase Returns for Shareholders and Contribute to Social Wellbeing..

Our Prospect: To Create Top-ranking Geotechnical Engineering Group in China and Build……



Add:NO.555 Huaian Road(west),Shijiazhuang City,Hebei Prov. P.C.:0502271   Tel:0311-66723100 66723200 Fax:0311-66723277  
Copy right:China Hebei Construction & Geotechnical Investigation Group Ltd. 2008
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